About Directory of Permaculture

​Permaculture is a philosophy and a lifestyle choice that embraces working with, rather than against, nature.  More on that here: What is Permaculture?  We believe that permaculture is potentially transformational for life on earth. 

Our Hope for Permaculture

Our hope is to help spread the seed of the permaculture idea far and wide; to anyone who is willing to hear its message. 

There are millions of people practicing permaculture around the world today.  Directory of Permaculture is here to provide a starting point for their neighbors, coworkers, friends, and associates who want to learn what permaculture is and what it's all about.

We think that in the not-so-distant future, the principles of permaculture can become commonplace in universities, city halls, farms, homes, and kitchens around the world. 

How We Got Here

The ideas behind permaculture have always been with us.  Nobody invented them; they are simply an alternative that we collectively overlooked in the past, and now need to collectively reconsider.  These ideas have been written about sporadically as long as humans have been writing.

The modern literature picks up around the 1930s and grows for decades with several contributors from all around the world.  This movement culminated in the birth of the modern permaculture movement in Australia in 1976. 

Permaculture used a simple "each one teach one" approach to spread itself around the world within a decade.  With the seeds of thought planted far and wide, the permaculture movement grew organically - with small pods of permaculturists organizing in cities and regions all over the globe. 

My Personal Story

Spirituality led me to permaculture.  I followed a more traditional American life and career path for many years.  Through prayer and meditation, I began to feel that a different path would be a more meaningful use of my time.  I began transitioning to a sustainable lifestyle by changing jobs and moving to a place where I could be more connected with my natural surroundings. 

I began working full-time in the nursery business in wholesale and retail positions.  After I earned my Permaculture Design Certificate, I began consulting on landscape design and local food production projects around Austin, TX.  I worked to spread the word of permaculture to gardeners and foodies through my work editing a blog about home-scale food production.  Now I work independently as a copywriter, digital marketer, and SEO consultant. 

Photo for Directory of Permaculture

I live with my small family and our many animals on the outskirts of Austin. 

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