Beekeeping 101 with Jacob Wustner

​Title: Beekeeping 101 - Organic, Natural, Traditional

Instructor: Jacob Wustner

Released: 2015

Beekeeping 101 is a complete training course that will teach you everything you need to know to start keeping bees with organic, natural, and traditional methods.

​This course was filmed on location in Montana, and it features second-generation beekeeping expert and entrepreneur Jacob Wustner of Wustner Brothers Honey and Sapphire Apiaries.  The training footage includes a lot of hands-on hive time.  Upon completing Beekeeping 101, you will be fully prepared and confident enough to take the plunge and start keeping your own organic, treatment-free honey bee hives.

What's in Beekeeping 101?

Beekeeping 101 teaches you a holistic approach based on the natural behavior and ecology of honey bees.  The techniques you will learn follow the principles of permaculture, using methods that respect and appreciate the bees as much as the beekeeper.

A variety of topics are covered, including bee physiology and biology.  You'll also learn practical skills like how to extract honey and how to winterize your hives.  You will get an overview of the various equipment that is available, along with recommendations about where to source your equipment and supplies. 

To help you get a good idea about what to expect from the training, here is the first lesson in the training series, for free:

​The more technical lessons involve bloom and brood cycles, swarming, hive location, re-queening, and more.  Beekeeping 101 teaches you a planning process to use to schedule your honey harvesting, how to crush comb, how to successfully combine hives, and a whole lot more. 

Jacob Wustner currently operates Sapphire Apiaries in Stevensville, MT - and in Beekeeping 101 he shares all of the techniques that have made his beekeeping ventures successful.  All told there are 40 valuable lessons included in Beekeeping 101.

Summary - Beekeeping 101

​If you want to learn about keeping bees in a natural, organic way - this training course has everything you need to get started.  After you finish all of the lessons in Beekeeping 101, you'll be confident and well-prepared to set up your own hive right away.