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Permaculture Subreddit

​The Permaculture SubredditThe permaculture subreddit is a small but active community of permaculturists who use the social media site Reddit.  The topics discussed are wide open, as anyone

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Open Permaculture Forums

Open Permaculture ForumsThe Open Permaculture Forums are hosted by the Open Permaculture School.  Widely used by graduates of the school, these forums include a regional aspect to connect with

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Permaculture Research Institute Forums

Permaculture Research Institute ForumsThese forums are hosted by the world's foremost governing authority on permaculture, Geoff Lawton's Permaculture Research Institute.  The Permaculture Research

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​ Permaculture Forums Started, hosted, and carefully moderated by Paul Wheaton, the forums at are the largest, richest, and most active permaculture forums anywhere on

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