Conserving Water with Toby Hemenway

​Title: Permaculture Design for Conserving Water

Instructor: Toby Hemenway

Released: 2014

Permaculture Design for Water Conservation features author and expert permaculturist Toby Hemenway demonstrating how you can apply the principles of permaculutre to create water-wise landscapes in dry climates.

​This class on water conservation introduces students to some high-level concepts about permaculture design and applications.  Then it goes on to show the specific techniques that can be used to carry out a water-conserving permaculture design in a dry climate setting.

What's in Permaculture Design for Conserving Water?

In Permaculture Design for Conserving Water, Toby Hemenway presents 8 separate strategies for conserving and preserving water - and he illustrates the specific techniques that can be used to implement those strategies.

​Additionally, Hemenway shows the unintended benefits that come along with creating a water-wise landscape. 

By the end of the class, you will have a working knowledge about water conservation techniques that you can implement on your own in your landscape or garden - no matter how dry your climate is. 

​The video footage for this class was taken from an event in Boise in 2014 called Rethinking Idaho Landscapes.  That event was sponsored by the Idaho Botanical Garden and the University of Idaho, and Toby Hemenway was the keynote speaker. 

The topics that are covered include basic permaculture principles, soil quality, mulching, earthworks, planting strategies, rainwater harvesting, greywater usage, and general water conservation. 

Hemenway concludes with a discussion about watering wisely, including simple ways that you can reduce your household water usage - with a focus on the landscape and garden.  Every aspect of water conservation in dry climates is explored in this informative class.

Summary - Permaculture Design for Conserving Water

Permaculture Design for Conserving Water is a solid resource, presented by one of the world's leading experts in permaculture design.  If you want to learn about the methods permaculture designers use to conserve water, this is a great place to start.  If you want to learn how to create a thriving ecosystem in a dry climate - you shouldn't pass this class up.