DIY Rocket Mass Heaters

​Title: DIY Rocket Mass Heaters

By: Paul Whaton

Published: 2016

DIY Rocket Mass Heaters is a series of videos by Paul Wheaton that details everything you need to know to construct your own rocket mass heater.  This is likely the cheapest, cleanest, and most sustainable way to heat a home that has ever been invented. 

Note:  The image here is a bit misleading as these videos are currently only available for digital download.  No physical DVDs are available. 

These videos walk you through several different designs using several different materials.  In DIY Rocket Mass Heaters, you'll see the leading experts on rocket mass heat explain everything from the early classic design all the way through the latest innovations. 

The technology presented in DIY Rocket Mass Heaters empowers you to heat your home with a tiny amount of fuel.  According to Paul Wheaton, the average family that heats their home with a wood burning stove could produce the same amount of heat using just one tenth the volume of wood - just by switching over to a rocket mass heater.

What's in DIY Rocket Mass Heaters?

​In the first video, you'll learn how to build a cob style rocket mass heater.  This is the "old style" design, and it still works as well as ever.  DIY Rocket Mass Heaters shows you two different projects to demonstrate this technique - one is built in a traditional home and one is built inside a tipi. 

The second video in DIY Rocket Mass Heaters focuses on the newer pebble style heaters.  This style is easier to move and modify than the cob style heaters.  And because of its lighter weight it is ideal for homes that have wooden floors.

Image of DIY Rocket Mass Heaters

Rocket Mass Heater - Image via thisisiamthis

Next up, in the third video you see Paul Wheaton's design for a shippable core.  Paul had initially planned to produce these cores and sell them himself, but that never happened.  Now, in DIY Rocket Mass Heaters, he shares his design for anyone who wants to build their own or produce them for resale.

Finally, the fourth video in DIY Rocket Mass Heaters is a documentary-style piece that shows the 2015 rocket mass heater innovators event that was hosted at Wheaton Labs.  You'll see awesome new designs that include a translucent core, and outdoor cooker/smoker, and an indoor rocket stove that includes a griddle and water heater.

Summary - DIY Rocket Mass Heaters

Many people are excited about this new permaculture technology.  If you've been waiting for more information... this is it!  And if you haven't learned about rocket mass heaters yet, DIY Rocket Mass Heaters shows you everything you need to know to bring this new technology right into your home.