Grow Your Own Groceries

​Title: Grow Your Own Groceries

By: Marjory Wildcraft

Published: 2009

Grow Your Own Groceries is an inclusive video tutorial that shows you how to create sustainable food production systems at home.  With over 300,000 in use in over 30 countries, this video set has become an international standard.

This video is set on Marjory Wildcraft's personal homestead, and she gives you an up close and intimate view of all of her food production systems - from the animals and plants that are used to water collection and care for the soil.  If you want to see the principles of permaculture put to use through low-budget and simple methods, Grow Your Own Groceries is a great resource for you.

What's in Grow Your Own Groceries?

Grow Your Own Groceries includes two full-length DVDs and a bonus resource CD that is loaded with 10 free PDF reports.

The first DVD picks up on Marjory Wildcraft's farm and gives you background information about why she decided to move out of the city and how her family went about the process of finding a good location to start homesteading.  You see all of the systems at a distance and get a good visual overview of the entire homestead before Marjory dives into each of the topics in-depth.

Marjory Wildcraft of Grow Your Own Groceries speaks to a crowded MEN Fair crowd

Marjory Wildcraft of Grow Your Own Groceries speaks to a crowded house at a M.E.N. Fair - via The Grow Network

The next section is about water and covers all of the various methods that are used as water sources and storage systems.  After addressing water, Grow Your Own Groceries goes on to examine all aspects of gardening from site location and size to soil fertility and choosing the best varieties of vegetables. 

​Next up is livestock, and the video takes a close look at raising rabbits and poultry.  Note: the rabbit cages recommended in this video are a bit dated.  Since producing this video, Marjory has made big changes to her rabbit housing.  She is also experimenting with "free range rabbits" and landrace breeding.  However, Grow Your Own Groceries was produced before any of that work began.

Finally, the video goes on to discuss using dogs as livestock guardian animals.  There is a section on orchards, food forests, and perennial food sources.  And the final chapter in Grow Your Own Groceries is a hodge podge of various topics including handy materials and tools and natural tactics like solar dehydration.

The bonus resource CD includes information about ​catfish ponds, seed saving, foraging for food, and much more.

Summary - Grow Your Own Groceries

Grow Your Own Groceries covers a lot of information.  For people who learn best by watching others, this is an excellent resource that shouldn't be overlooked. 

Fair warning for vegetarians and vegans: Marjory does demonstrate how to humanely butcher a rabbit.  If that is offensive to you, you'll definitely want to skip that section.