Inhabit – A Permaculture Perspective

​Title: Inhabit - A Permaculture Perspective

By: Costa Boutsikaris and Emmett Brennan

Released: 2015

Permaculture Magazine had high praise for the crowdfunded documentary Inhabit - A Permaculture Perspective, when it said the film was, "quite simply the best film ever made about permaculture."  Watch the film yourself, and you'll see why. 

Inhabit - A Permaculture Perspective is not a technical "how-to" film.  It is a beautifully filmed feature-length documentary with stunning camerawork and inspiring views. 

If you need to learn the specific ins and outs of how to build a hugelkultur bed, this isn't what you're looking for.  But if you're looking for inspiration - for yourself or for others - there is no better way to get people excited about permaculture than to have them watch Inhabit - A Permaculture Perspective.

What's in Inhabit - A Permaculture Perspective?

​The filmmakers traveled to more than 20 permaculture sites and interviewed countless designers and experts.  Inhabit - A Permaculture Perspective is a whirlwind tour of those sites and those interviews.

The film includes footage of rural farmland, suburban yards, urban rooftop gardens, and more. 

Against this stunning backdrop of beautiful permaculture installations, experts from around the world share their perspectives regarding what permaculture is all about, and the underlying principles that define the movement. 

You will learn about important concepts like perennial food production, observation, and creating closed loop systems. 

Inhabit - A Permaculture Perspective is full of wonderful shots, from extreme close-ups showing thriving, fertile soil to sweeping aerial drone footage showing farms and cities where the principles of permaculture are being practiced.

Almost all of the footage in the film comes from permaculture installations in the northeastern United States, with a few exceptions.  But that doesn't limit the profound impact that this film can have.

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Summary: Inhabit - A Permaculture Perspective

​If you need some inspiration to get your permaculture plans moving...  Or if you are already excited and you want to share your enthusiasm with your family and friends...  Inhabit - A Permaculture Perspective is the most inspiring work on the subject that we've seen.  We think you'll love it.