Permaculture Design Class with Scott Pittman

​Title: Permaculture Design Class

Instructor: Scott Pittman

Released: 2014

This permaculture design class is a recording of a full PDC course taught onsite in Costa Rica by Scott Pittman in 2014.  The class includes most of the information that was taught during the certification course.  But it is much more affordable than a full PDC because this class does not offer a certificate upon completion.

Scott Pittman's online permaculture design class is as close as you can get to a full Permaculture Design Certification without making a serious commitment of time and money.  If you want to learn all of the principles and concepts of permaculture but you are not concerned about becoming certified - this course is a good option for you. ​

What's in Scott Pittman's Permaculture Design Class?

​Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this permaculture design class is the fact that it was filmed onsite during a real PDC certification.  The footage includes the questions and thoughts of the students, and several scenes include their daily routines over the course of their training.  The effect is that you really get to experience the setting and atmosphere of a serious certification course. 

In terms of high-level principles, all of the topics that you would expect in a certification course are included here.  Natural systems, sustainable methodologies, natural pattern recognition, appropriate technologies, and more. 

This trailer will give you a good idea about what you can expect from Scott Pittman's permaculture design class:

​You'll also receive a ton of information about the ground-level technologies and tactics that are used in permaculture design.  There are lessons about rainwater harvesting and filtration, zone planning, berms and swales, soil analysis, beekeeping, livestock systems, and more.

In total, Scott Pittman's permaculture design class includes 50 different video lessons and a whole collection of reading materials.  The high-quality content is presented by one of the foremost permaculture teachers alive today.  Scott Pittman has taught on four continents, including co-teaching alongside one of the movement's original founders, Bill Mollison.  He founded the Permaculture Drylands Institute, and co-founded the Permaculture Credit Union.

Summary - Permaculture Design Class with Scott Pittman

​If you want to learn all about the principles and concepts of permaculture, but you don't care about getting certified, this permaculture design class is for you.  If you wish you could take a full PDC certification course, but you can't due to budget or time constraints, this class allows you to learn that material on your own time and for a fraction of the cost.  You won't get a certificate, but will you get the knowledge.