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The Permaculture Research Institute in The Channon, NSW, Australia, is the premier permaculture institution operating in the world today.  Headed by Geoff Lawton and his wife Nadia, PRI is widely accepted as the "home base" of the permaculture movement.

History of the Permaculture Research Institute (NSW)

​The original Permaculture Research Institute was founded by Bill Mollison in 1979 on his Tagari Farm in New South Wales.  When Mollison retired in 1997, he asked Geoff Lawton to take over the Tagari Farm and create a new Permaculture Research Institute on that site. 

In 2000, Lawton moved the PRI (NSW) to its current home on Lawton's Zaytuna Farm.  The site is located on 66 acres of land along Terania Creek, near the village of The Channon in northern New South Wales. 

Today's PRI is a working permaculture demonstration farm which is constantly under development to test and refine common permaculture concepts.  The methods in practice at PRI encompass all aspects of permaculture farming, gardening, orchards, renewable energy sources, composting, and more.  The entire site is off-grid, powered by solar energy with a back-up generator.  All toilets are composting toilets, and all waste water is resolved onsite with state-of-the-art grey water filtration systems.

Goals of the Permaculture Research Institute

The objectives of PRI include all of the following:

  • - Create self-sufficient permaculture demonstration and education sites
  • - Teach and train permaculture
  • - Provide employment and education to the local community
  • - Further develop sustainable solutions
  • - Facilitate the creation of a worldwide network of interdependent communities
  • - Reinvest all surplus into the landscape and the development of permaculture

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