The Greenhouse of the Future

​Title: The Greenhouse of the Future

By: Francis Gendron

Published: 2014

The Greenhouse of the Future is a DVD featuring an innovative greenhouse design that uses recycled and natural materials to create a greenhouse that works with nature.  This design uses no external inputs, but is capable of growing food all year long in far northern climates.

​The package includes an informative PDF eBook, technical building plans, and a documentary movie showing a group of friends using the plans to create The Greenhouse of the Future in real life.  If you're interested in thermal mass, passive heat, or rainwater collection, this is an excellent resource that illustrates how these concepts can be implemented in the real world.

What's in The Greenhouse of the Future?

The Greenhouse of the Future DVD is a 70-minute high-resolution documentary that shows a group of amateur permaculturists carrying out the plans to actually build a greenhouse.  The movie includes several 3D animations to illustrate the concepts for visual learners.

​The eBook has more than 200 pages explaining the materials and methods that go into every aspect of the final structure.  It includes high-quality graphics and drawings.  And it has step-by-step instructions detailing the building process.

​The plans that come with the DVD are professional and detailed.  These were put together with the help of leading experts in the realm of sustainable building practices.  These plans alone are worth far more than the price of the package.

Some of the key concepts that are baked into The Greenhouse of the Future include passive solar, thermal mass, passive geothermal, passive ventilation, rainwater catchment, earth tubes, and many more.

Summary - The Greenhouse of the Future

If you're interested in learning about sustainable building practices and the permaculture principles behind them, this video is a great illustration of the concepts at work.  And if you want actual building plans to build your own greenhouse in real life, you cannot beat the value of The Greenhouse of the Future.